Thomas Hollowell - Author, Athlete, Entrepreneur, World Traveler

A Guide to Endometriosis

This book was a four-month project of combined interviews with professionals in the field and high-quality research that resulted in an easy-to-read guide for women who suffer or believe they might suffer from endometriosis. This was co-authored with leading nutritionist Robert Boniske. Contact Thomas for more details.


Food Service Guide

This book was completed with a leading expert in the field of restaurant management. After diligent research and interviews, the guide came into fruition and is now being sold in seminars across the US, Canada, and Australia. Contact Thomas for more details.


A History of Strange Phenomena

This book project was in collaboration with a website and agency researching phenomena around the world. The book is a summation of that research and is meant to pull audiences inward to study more about the mysterious elements of the world around them. Contact Twinlance for more details.