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How to Stretch for Barefoot Running

barefoot running, feet in airStretching the feet, ankles, the plantar fascia of the foot, along with the toes is as important as the rest of your body. For a barefoot runner (even in protective minimalist footwear), this is especially beneficial for the nerves, tendons, and muscles of the feet to give them a few minutes to warm up before putting them to work. Both beginner and seasoned barefoot runners should do a little stretching before (and after) the run.
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Calves Like Bricks

It’s another good day to work on promoting Allah’s Garden. My calves feel like two bricks after my twin brother and I took part in the Sandy Beach Triathlon in Connecticut yesterday evening. The race was postponed from Friday night due to severe thunderstorms and flash-flood warnings. This evening-time event commenced at 5:45 and the sun jumped off the beautiful Bantam Lake as the countdown begun.

While my brother and I did well for our second race this season, placing third and fourth in our age group (25-34), it goes to show how far along one can come when you lay out long-term goals and take each day at a time. Tell Me More...

Signing Events for Allah's Garden

This is a listing of the past book signing and presentation events that I have done thus far for Allah’s Garden. These include Yale University, University of Connecticut, and several libraries and top-notch bookstores along the way. Thanks to everyone involved in making my talks and signings so memorable!
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Allah's Garden: Readings by the Author

Here are a few live readings of Allah’s Garden for your hearing pleasure. Just click to listen, or open up each file with your favorite audio player. These are designed as podcasts for iTunes. I hope you enjoy these excerpts!

A reading by the author: Chapter 4: Mountain Men
In this excerpt from Allah’s Garden, the author details his time in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco, living with the Berbers, and serving with the Peace Corps. It is an honest and humorous depiction of life in a truly different world!

A reading by the author: Chapter 16: An Unveiling
In this excerpt, we see first hand how much journalists did not know or understand about the secret war in the Sahara Desert. A visiting journalist to the Polisario prison camps gets an ear full and thanks to the main character’s ruse, is able to gain clearer insight into how prisoners are actually treated.

A reading by the author: Chapter 12: First Interrogations
Chapter twelve details the main character’s intense first interrogation by Polisario militant officers. While trying to show off the abilities and prowess of the Polisario, the protagonist attempts to get his point across: all the prisoners really want is water, food, shelter, and a chance to return home.

Signing at Cafe du Livre, Morocco

On Thursday, June 18, I had my first book reading and signings in Marrakesh, Morocco sponsored by the friendly folks at the Cafe du Livre. The signings went well and I sold several books, which I have heard is great on the first instance. I was not sure how long to read for, but a fellow author in the audience mentioned that 10 minutes is about right. After a short introduction, followed by a reading, and then a Q&A session, it was mostly over. The questions were varied and one of the hardest ones dealt with the ethics behind writing such a story, which I hoped I answered well enough. Following, a few patrons purchased two books, one for themselves and another for a friend, so that is great. Then, a friendly couple who own a riad in the medina invited me for a drink. The Cafe du Livre now has 25 signed copies for sale, so get yours today! I would like to extend my gratitude to the folks at Cafe du Livre for their support and willingness; they have hosted several prominent authors in the past and it was an honor to be their guest.Tell Me More...

Magazine and Book Writing

With the release of Allah’s Garden from Tales Press, Yale University thought that the title might make a beneficial edition to their summer seminar on Health and Conflict. Word started spreading and several libraries in Connecticut have invited me to present on my travels, time researching and writing this book, followed by a reading and signing. This is just one example of the difference between writing articles and a book; both are enjoyable and require focused effort. But, authoring longer prose means one has to make a dedicated effort to not only get the book done, but to promote the title after it becomes available.
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